Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer In the City - Things to Do

If you have smaller children spend your days in Central Park. It rained alot this summer so we really stayed in more than we had planned and when it wasn't raining we wanted to be outside playing and not in a museum or such. There are a few things that we wanted to do but didn't get to it.
1. Children's Art Musem - this mostly has art done by children around the world. We will visit this next time we are there while John is working.
2. Muesum of Natural History - planned on doing this the last weekend but decided the kids were not behaving well enough for a trip to a museum. Maybe next time.
3. We really enjoyed just walking around the city.

So again - we don't do touristy and maybe when the kids are older and can appreciate the things more we will do more stuff but Central Park was lots and lots of fun for us this summer.

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Donna said...

Those sound great- just walking around is such an adventure in a place like that. I will check on preschoolers and peace- (Jenny "Parker" McNeil has it linked on her blog to) I'm excited for you living in Reform. We should meet in Tuscaloosa for a day at the children's hands on museum- and you should meet my good friend Stacey who homeschools her three boys in Tuscaloosa. Sorry John is working such long hours- I know that's tough. Take Care!