Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer In the City - What I learned

This summer had lots of challenges but it was well worth them all - most days:). There are a few things that I either learned this summer or deepened my conviction about through the summer.
1. Children don't need tons of toys - in fact they do better without the distraction of tons of toys. I have seen this even in the 1.5 days we have been at Nana's house. Because our apt was so small the kids only had a few choices and they would play with them for hours and they got really creative with the things. Tinker toys became rockets and boats and monster trucks and carnival rides for the stuffed animals. Brady's blanket and two chairs became a volleyball net and a balloon became the volleyball. A sheet became a swimming pool for the animals. Trains went on all kinds of adventures through the apt. I saw their imagination flourish tremendously because it had to. Here, the boys drag out all the toys and then are overwhelmed and get bored. The absence of toys created a necessity - get creative. So I think that when we unpack lots of the toys will go away to someone who needs them or up in boxes to be brought out literally a few at a time.
2. I can do this. I am blessed with an amazing husband and father. Even before he worked from home and had to go to work he always came home and became part of the family - played with the boys, helped with dinner and did bedtime by himself for the most part. That has always been his special time with the boys and he loves it. I know this is a blessing that many wives/moms don't have but God has blessed me with one amazing guy. When he started working from home he worked a full day but he was there and we loved it. So this summer has been QUITE a transition for us. In the past there have been seasons of his work that he was super busy and this summer has by far been the worse. So we went from having him home all day to not seeing him at all some days. I was worried because I do depend on him. He is a vital role in our day to day life. The kids expect daddy to put them to bed, tell them a story, sing and scratch their back, pray with them and lay down with them. I expect that after they go to bed, we get couple time. These have been priorities for us our whole marriage with kids. That didn't happen lots this summer. But we managed way better than I expected. It doesn't mean that we don't miss him. We do terribly. But for this season in our life he will be away alot working. After this summer, I feel confident that I can do this - he will work away 4-5 days a week and be home 2-3. This won't be constant because sometimes he will get to work from home. But before I was nervous and really didn't think I could do it. Now I know. We don't like it and can't wait for this season to pass but we are so thankful for God's provision and will learn to be content in this circumstance. This knowledge for me is a HUGE step in my road to contentment. I can do all things through Christ.
3. I like life at a slower pace. I really enjoy being at home. I am not much for going somewhere every day. The boys thrive when we stay home and in routine and I do as well. This summer I felt the need to go and do. I have noticed this about myself in other big cities we have lived in. There are so many options and i feel like I need to expose the kids and provide them opportunities. The truth is I don't. Their time will come for that. John and I enjoy just being. So living in a small town removes the possibilities of all the options which I really like and look forward to again. We will expose our kids to things and culture but we are ok with just being at home together. The kids love it to. There are lots of times that we are out somewhere that they just ask to go home and play. I have kinda known this about myself but I guess this summer I decided to be ok with it.

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