Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Be The Man You Want Him To Be!!!

Today I was SUPER encouraged by my wonderful husband and I wanted to share the story with you. As you know we are moving into the house this week and John took the week off to help. That itself gets tons of kudos!!! But this is even better.
John decided he wanted a new TV and for the last nine years we have been a one TV family so we decided to put our old TV in the playroom and get us a new one upstairs. When we went to Wal-Mart to get one Saturday at 5:30 (1.5 hours till kickoff) they did not have the specific one he wanted so he got a smaller one - still big. Then yesterday we were in Sam's and he found the bigger TV there for only 100 more than the one he bought. So he was going back and forth deciding if he should take it back or keep what he got.
This summer Jake saw a double sided light saber and ask for one. John promised he could have one when we got into our new house. Well you better believe that 2 months later Jake did not let him forgot so off to Wal-Mart they go. Jake picks a red one and Brady gets blue. Well this morning - after having it a few days, Jake came in the room with me and said I decided I want a blue light saber instead of red. I told him that he picked red and that was what he would have and then I talked about being thankful for what he has. His response to me was "if i break that one will you buy me a blue on?" UMM -NO!!! So I took it away from him for a little while. He went inside and when I came in after 2 talks he was crying. I said why are you crying "because I really want a blue one." So I really didn't know how to respond at that point and so I sent him to his room until John got home.
So John comes home, goes to talk to him and gives him the once again be thankful talk. Then he keeps on about it and just won't drop it. In the mean time John comes in there where I am and says "I really want to exchange my TV but I just gave him this talk on being thankful for what I have." So a few minutes later the topic comes back up with Jake about the light saber and John just shares his struggle with him. And he said "so when I think about that bigger TV I just have to remind myself to be thankful for what I have and ask God to help me have a grateful heart." Jake said "daddy, I know what I need to do - I need to pray and ask God to help me have a grateful heart too - will you pray with me daddy?"
What a sweet reminder that they just need to see that we really understand their struggles.
So today I got to watch my husband make a choice to be the man that he wants Jake to be. We still have the smaller TV and he loves it!!! I love that man!!!

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Shelley said...

that is a really encouraging story. i feel that way all the time when i am telling the kids to have self-control when they are upset about something and i blow it royally all the time. brady will remember watching his daddy make a wise choice.