Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Artist Meets The Artist

Today was a wonderful day!!! We walked around The French Quarter in NOLA. We went to Jamie Hayes' gallery - one of Jake's favorite artist. And to our delight he was there signing his art. So Jake started talking to him and told him "I am a great artist too!" Mr. Hayes told him to come around and he would teach Jake a new way to do letters. He also wrote a book called Up In the Air with the Mingling Brothers. He signed the book and then wrote Jake's name in the book and taught him a fun way to do letters (see below)

this is Peter the Pianoeater - one of Jake's favorites

If you look close you can see were he wrote Jake's name

here he is teaching Jake how to add color to the letters

here he is PATIENTLY helping/encouraging Jake to write his own name in the book the way he learned. Mr. Hayes spent about 15-20 minutes with Jake. One lady walked up and ask for something and he politely told her he was taking his time with this little man and she could wait until they finished. Well as a momma that delighted my soul. I wish we would have captured the sheepish delightful grin on Jake's face after that experience. It was such a wonderful moment!!!


Jennifer said...

very cool!

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alieta young casey said...

that is precious. i love that jake had a famous artist affirm his amazing, God-given talent. sounds like nola was fun!