Thursday, January 7, 2010

It is Well

I am officially a carpool mom now. Don't I look thrilled!!!

Jake started on Tuesday and did wonderful. His teacher seems so sweet. He loves her. Yesterday (day 2) he told John he wanted to do carpool like the other kids instead of dad walking him in. So John dropped him off. He said Jake looked at him and said "see you after school daddy" and "I love you Brady" - "have a good day" and out the door he went and never looked back. So he is doing really well. His biggest adjustment is the afternoons. He is exhausted when he gets home so it is very touchy around here that time of day right now. Last night he was a little out of his mind so momma took Brady on a date and Jake and dad (who is sick) watched a movie snuggled on the couch. It was good for everyone.

This is not a great picture but Brady was so giddy walking to his school I had to share it. Thankfully we found him an open spot at a preschool literally at the bottom of the hill from our house - about 1 mile from here. He was so excited to start school like his big brother.

We had to leave him crying but his teacher said it lasted for about 1 minute and then he had a blast. We took him to Krystals to celebrate with a Freeze. He kept saying "I am so happy I get to go to school" He sat down in my lap and said "I love my big school momma but I missed you" This kid knows how to melt my heart (among other things :)).

So as my post title alludes - It is well, I am well, we are well. God has been so very gracious to me. More and more as I walk with God I am learning to trust that He gives grace where grace is needed. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words.


Jessie said...

So thankful to hear it! Will keep praying as the adjustment continues.

Lindsey said...

AWESOME! so glad to hear! it makes it so much easier when they enjoy it and have a great time too!

Nikki said...

It's good to hear!

Donna said...

So glad it's going so well. Jake looks so handsome in his button-up!

Jenny said...

That first pic is hilarious! Glad the rest of the day went better than that. :) Still praying that this is a restful and healing time for all of you!

Nanik Rahmawati said...

what an awesome family :), when people are looking for the meaning of love. They can figure out of your life then find it inside your soul and your children.