Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dr. Cook's Diagnosis

Jake is sick again.  Taking him to doctor today to see if he has relapsed with strep.  Yesterday he was really weak and he told me he couldn't walk when he was sick.  He even made himself a walking stick out of tinker toys. (He was serious about it too - don't laugh at the stick - or so I was informed).  At one point mr. drama was laying on the floor wanting me to carry him (yes he is really sick and weak but he is also dramatic so he sucks it for all it's worth :)).  I told him I wasn't as strong as daddy.  And hoping to motivate him to move I played the mean momma card and told him if he was that sick that probably they would have to take his blood at the doctor tomorrow to see what was wrong.  Horrible I know.  So he used his walking stick and managed to get himself up - with lots of grunting and moaning involved.  When I put him to bed last night he told me that he knew why he couldn't walk and that it was not his blood.  I ask him what it was and here is his diagnosis:
When my throat hurts and I don't eat my legs aren't strong anymore.  And the top part of my body is heavier than the bottom part of my body and my legs can't hold it up anymore.  So the top part of my body just pushes me down to the ground and I can't walk. 
I literally bit the insides of my mouth to keep from laughing because this kid was serious.  And to laugh at that moment would have crushed him.  So then he looked at me and said "So dr. Logan doesn't need to check my blood it is just fine" :)
Too funny!!!

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