Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Survived!!!

I literally did questioned if I would survive the last week and half:
-stomach virus for Jake and Brady Wednesday - Friday
-Strep throat for Jake on Friday
-Strep throat for me and Brady starting Saturday night
-Brady has a bad allerigic reaction to his antibiotic on Sunday - face, throat, toungue swell, rash all over - scared me to death
-I have really never been sicker in my life.  My mother in law encouraged me because she said the sickest she had ever been was in 1986 with strep throat.  I seriously think I will be saying that in 20 years about this sickness.  It was terribly painful and I think I had my first taste of menapause.  I told John if that is what it will be like he can keep me until then and shoot me.  I spent 4 hours one afternoon bundled in my bed freezing - I could not get warm.  And the next morning I was standing on my front deck in a tank top and shorts SWEATING and it was 29 degrees outside. 
So needless to say I survived.  After 7 days my throat still hurts and my head is stuffy but I am up and moving and on the mends. 
Thankfully my sweet husband made the call on Friday to stay home this week instead of traveling to NYC.  He will travel the next 2 weeks instead.  So he basically worked 45 hours this week and then did all that I do in a given week - HE IS AMAZING!!!


Jenny said...

Bless your heart! What a week! Glad you are all feeling better and that God gave you such a great husband!

Jessie said...

I was wondering about you! So glad you are on the other side now. Love and prayers!

alieta young casey said...

hoping you get all the way back to feeling better soon, but i'm so glad the light of life is in your eyes again! (:

April Brown said...

so glad y'all are feeling better!! John is a very wise man for staying home!! :)