Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Conviction to the Core

This summer I took a break from gadgets for the most part.  It was good and I was engaged with my kids more.  But since summer has ended I have rejoined facebook, added back many blogs to google reader and starting blogging again myself.  And in the last few days I have felt myself being sucked back in.  Well this morning I read this amazing perspective and once again I am convicted to the core.  So once again I am back to the drawing board.  I want to come before God and really give my priorities and desires to Him to sift and sort.  What is my purpose in this life and how are these things helping me bring glory to Him?  And if they don't help are they hurting other areas of my life because I lack discipline in enjoying these things?  Love God and Love People.  This is what He called us to do.  So for now it is up in the air - what is a girl to do?

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