Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homeschool - year 1

We have started our first year of homeschool and are enjoying it a lot.  Brady will be going to preschool this year so I think it will go more smoothly once we are doing school while he is at school.  We are using the Charlotte Mason philosophy.  Once I begin researching types of homeschooling her thoughts and ideas fit well with what I want for my boys.  So for any of you interested here is what we are doing this year:
Calendar - I have printed out a blank monthly calendar that is a 2 page spread.  Every day when we start school Jake fills in the date and we review Day, Month, Date and year.  Then he goes back to the previous day and colors a picture of something he did that day.  So it is kinda like a journal too.  He likes doing this and it will be fun for mama to have for years to come.
Math - math - u - see
Science - 106 Days of Creation
     - this is an overview of the creation story - which is an overview of the things science studies.  It is broken down by days and we are reading living books and doing experiments.  This might be Jake's favorite subject.
Nature Study  - the 106 days of creation has some nature studies with it and we are also working through nature studies from this blog using the Handbook of Nature Study.  This will carry us for years to come.
Literature - we are snuggling on the couch and reading through some classics.  This might be my favorite subject.  Right now we are reading Charlotte's web followed by Stuart Little, Trumpet of the Swan, Stories of the Pilgrims, Jotham's Journey, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Complete Tales of Winnie the pooh, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.  The Simply Charlotte Mason website I use as my primary resource has a GREAT book finder full of living books for every subject.
Personal Development - we are reading through A child's book of character building.
Beginning Reading - we are using the books from Pathway Readers.  I am also working through CM's methods of learning to read.
Handwriting -  we do copy work to practice handwriting.  this will also help with grammar in the years to come.  So he copies his memory verses, the definition of the character trait we are studying,  the catechisms he is learning, and soon he will begin writing letters back and forth to his grandmothers. 
History - Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt. 
    - we read through these books of the bible and supplement with living books.  For Geography we are studying Ancient Egypt and the continent of Africa. 
Memory Work - Jake is memorizing 2 verses a week, 2 catechisms a week, and the definition of the character trait we are working on and a verse that goes with it every 3 weeks.  I am using this method of scripture memory that is simple and very organized.
Life Skills/Manners/Safety - For this area I just want to be intentional about training my children in life skills.  Often we get busy and just don't think about doing this so I have incorporated this into school.  We talk about manners and safety on various days at lunch.  Life skills I pick one a week and we work on that one thing for the week whenever I am doing it - like emptying the dishwasher.  What Every Child Should know Along the Way is a great resource to help think through this.
Handiwork - Here are some of Charlotte's thoughts about handiwork.  Here is what we will be working on through the year:
- Drawing with Children - I am enjoying this book - so is Jake.  We are taking about 10 weeks to work through it.
- Baking - we will do this around Christmas to give as gifts
- Fingerprint art - Ed Emberely will help us with this
- Photography - here are some things I found for this: Online lessons, this challenge
Music Study, Artist Study, Hymn Study - these are also recommended and we will be adding these as we go this year if we get to it.  It may wait for next year.  I have a plan for it but I want to get the above things in routine first. 

So there is our year.  If you have any questions about this please ask.  We are really excited.

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Rachel said...

I have enjoyed keeping up with you and your sweet family through your blog. I am seriously considering homeschooling our boys, and I would love to have any info or suggestions you have on state regulations, cirriculum, routines, and keeping their interest. Thanks! :)