Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I have found so far....

It has taken me literally 2 months of googling and emailing to no avail before I finally found a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that is working (or at least responds to calls and emails).  Have you heard of Grow Alabama?  From them you can get a weekly bounty of fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, milk and other goodies.  Though they are not offering it through their company right now they have resources to pass along for beef, pork and chicken.  I am SOOO excited.  And the veggies that are delievered that week come with recipe ideas.  They offer 3 plans to meet your families needs and you have some flexibility in picking what you want each week. 
So we are planning to join the end of September.  John and I are getting away in 3 weeks for and ENTIRE week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  So I see no need to start this until then.  For now we are getting what we need at the store.
I am really excited to find this and if any of you Alabamians have any other info regarding CSA's and grass fed, free range meats please let me know.  


Angie Davis said...

we used grow alabama for a couple of months and really enjoyed it. I did add to it a little from the store for a little variety (though try to keep what we eat in season, and low pesticide). we also use a guy w/ a truck of veggies near our house b/c he gets most of his produce from local farmers.

homewood and pepper place farmers markets...and finely avenue has one everyday (where most everyone's local produce comes from),

whole foods too - and they have a great variety of local grass fed beef, and quality meats. publix has the greenwise brand of meats and other foods. great, and a little more cost effective - especially when on sale.
hope you have fun with it! i'll try to pass on some good recipes too.

Jill said...

I cut soft drinks out about 3 weeks ago and feel a TON better. Also researched online foods that boost your metabolism and try to eat 2-3 of those a day. As a result, I have been shopping on the outer aisles and less in the inner aisle where all the perservatives are. We are a little less picky about meat, but I understand your concern. We are more concerned of junk like, imitation cheese?!?!? which was one of many things that we were guilty of purchasing in the past, let me ask, what really is in that stuff anyway? and why does velveeta not need to be refrigerated anyway? It is so weird what we will put into our bodies without any knowledge of the harmful affects that it may be causing. Sorry about rambling about all of this, but the change in us with this was a result of looking at our super active kids and saw that we were just not able to keep up and were ashamed so we wanted to do something about it and are learning in the process as well. Love you and will be praying for this lifestyle change for you, just know we are right there with you too.

Jessie said...

I know this will be a great benefit to all of you and I hope you can find lots of good resources near you. It's so hard to do (meaning it takes so much more extra effort than just going to the grocery store and buying whatever is on sale once a week) and I know I am spoiled to live in a place that makes it terms of the farmers bringing everything right to me! I can't imagine trying to do this for our family in a place where it wasn't just as convenient as going to the local chain grocery store - so I salute you! Way to go, Amy!!

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

amy..not sure if you follow birmingham bargain mom on fb, but today she posted a link for how to get some coupons for gluten free products...thought about you. here's the link
hope it helps!