Friday, August 27, 2010

Whole Foods

I am not referring to the store (though it is really cool) but the concept.  All summer I have spent my free time researching the effects processed foods have on our body.  My gluten issues mentioned in the previous post are a byproduct of my research.  It is astounding!!! God did not design our bodies to eat like we eat - refined and processed for the sake of conveniences were not His intentions when he created every type of seed bearing plant and tree and gave it to man.  More and more I am convinced that not only my weight is affected by the things I eat but also my health.  That statement may sound stupid but for a very long time I thought if I just lose the weight then I will be healthy.  But now I am convinced the process by which I lose the weight is JUST as important as the weight loss.  Low fat  - sugar free foods are all genetically modified and I think they are harming my families bodies.  I had a conversation with a friend the other day about what she had learned that red dye #40 can do to a child - look it up.  So because I feel like my body is falling apart at too young an age I have decided that a quick fix won't work.  So we are trying to switch to eating whole foods - fruits, vegetables, grass fed animals and such.  John and I decided to wait till summer was over for the most part because this would be hard to do on the road.  So here starts my journey to better eating.  We shall see - I will keep you posted.

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Angie Davis said...

agree, agree!
and welcome back to the blogging world. nice to have you back!