Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

My speed seems to be way ahead of God's perfect timing these days.  And because of that we have faced many disappointments along this way.  For example, when we got word about the first potential job I emailed my friend Jessie to give me the rundown of what I would need to survive NYC in the winter.  And I started looking for apts and YMCA's and churches and NOTHING.  And then Rochester, NY came on the table and here I went again - hurrying up just to WAIT.  And then Atlanta, Saudi Arabia, Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Bristol Connecticut.  So you can imagine how my mind went to living in these places and then we had to wait - either because we passed up the opportunity or things were moving slow because of the holidays.  Either way I would hurry up and plan only to find myself waiting.  It was quite disappointing. 
Today, I experienced the same thing.  We have spent all week looking for apartments there.  We were told to look and let them know what we found.  Well we did just that and found what we think is the perfect place in the perfect location.  But it seems that it all has to happen before noon tomorrow.  It seems impossible because big corporations do very little by noon the next day.  Though it could still happen, I succumb to yet another disappointment of hurrying up to wait.  But tonight in my disappointment God spoke to my heart:
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your OWN understanding, in all ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight."
I don't want to hold so tightly to my ideals of what is best for my family that I miss God and his straight path.  He has orchestrated this in his time and why do I not trust him to carry it out to completion - even the small details? 
Whatever you are doing Lord, help me slow down and wait!!!


Donna said...

Goodness Amy- so much going on- here, there and everywhere! You are amazing at how your bounce back and refocus- and trust God. Didn't you mention wanting to plant a church in Seattle once? So neat you are going to live there- such wonderful experiences for your boys! Praying for your apartment- God's got a home for you in mind- He will do it!

My way said...

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