Monday, January 3, 2011

We are HERE!!!

After 2 LONG months we are here.  We are about to start the next chapter in His Story of our life.  Last night,  as the plane descended on the city lit up in all it's glory, I prayed.  I ask the Lord to meet us here, to bless this time and to make us fruitful here in this place.  And I have hope that He will.  He always has.  Sometimes, many times, it was not on my time line or agenda...but He has ALWAYS met us where we are.  And because He has personally been faithful to me I have no doubt that He won't continue to be faithful. So this morning as I sit in a hotel room waiting I am full of expectation and HOPE. 
More to come soon - we are headed to swim off some energy while we wait for John to return from work to get us and take us to our new apt.


maryanne said...

Hoping it is a good move! I wish you had ended up in Atlanta, though!

Well-wishes. I'll be reading to see how things are!

Jenny said...

So happy that you are there and full of HOPE! Praying that the Lord will meet you there in every way! Can't wait to hear more.