Friday, January 7, 2011

Grace Flows Down

John is a music man and so are my boys.  I enjoy it but I also enjoy silence.  I don't mind (in fact I mostly prefer) driving in the car in silence.  John often gets frustrated with me because I have a hand full of songs that I could listen to day in and day out.  The ones that really minister to my heart are my ones of choice.  And usually when I choose to turn on music it is for this purpose - to worship and fill up my dry soul. 

The song Grace Flows Down has been my song of choice this week.   This has been a challenging week.  It really has nothing to do with Seattle but just with transition and the previous 6 weeks.  The kids have had zero routine through this process and we have been here there and everywhere.  And John and I both expected this week.  We know from experience that these first few weeks are trying but that knowledge doesn't make it any easier. 

We aren't trying to get into routine this week - we are just adjusting to time change (been pretty hard), sleeping in a new place and feeling safe in our beds, getting a home set up, adjusting to dad being gone after working from home but specifically having him with us and at our dispense for the last 6 weeks.  Just those things this week :).  I have also learned not to jump in head first because in the past it has caused much frustration on my part.  So we are easing into life. 
But right now I have 2 boys who have had lots of freedom the last month and are in need of gently and graciously being reeled back in.  If you know me well gentle and gracious are not words I would normally use to describe myself - especially as a parent. 

Here is where my song comes in...I have ask God this week to teach me to be gracious to my children.  And the amazing thing that He is doing is often reminding me of His graciousness toward me.  He is filling my tired and weary self up with reminders of His goodness, gentleness and graciousness in my life.  I am thankful that God is about bringing it all back to Him.  I can't conjure of the traits toward my children but as God is filling my tanks with who He is to me and in my life it is overflowing into my kids lives.  The way it is suppose to be - right? 

So life right now is exactly what I expected it to be but as usual God is SOOOO much more than I could ever ask or imagine.  His grace flows down and it covers me!!!
Have a good weekend friends.


shelley said...

this really can be a sweet time of restoration in the lord. i hope it is. gentle and gracious are just not natural for some of us. when it comes you will know it is from above. enjoy watching his grace pour down on this chapter. as we will too!

Jennifer said...

I can relate Amy! Thank you for the reminder that gentleness can't be conjured up by me but that if flows from Christ.

And as for husbands being music men...mine is too. And I'm a silence girl. There is just too much noise all day I would rather just sit in silence when it is at all possible.