Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life as We Know It...

Life for us slowly returning to normal minus the addition of the GREEN MONSTER.  That would be B's cast.  But let me tell you that thing has not slowed him down a bit.  He can scoot with the best of them.  John's mom is here for which I am so thankful.  She has been a huge help.  I feel back to normal.  We have gotten a good morning rhythm down that I am enjoying complete with homeschooling and some snuggling on the couch reading My Father's Dragon series which I HIGHLY recommend.  It is quite delightful.  Not a day passes that they don't ask for one more chapter.  

A friend of friends who lives across the water in Seattle loaned us her jogging stroller.  This weekend we had wonderful rain free weather and so we explored our little city of Kirkland.  It has a quaint little downtown area with all kinds of fun stores and a nice coffee shop.  This was refreshing for me.  Mainly because since my surgery and B's broken leg I haven't been liking being here.  It really had nothing to do with here just the fact of being without people - community.  And Saturday reminded me that I do enjoy this city and being here - I just need the people to come.  Soon I pray. 

I am a bit nervous about Nana leaving this weekend.  I feel more confident now that I can handle B after she leaves (at least in the house).  But I just know that we will spend our days in the house because I can't carry him up the flight of stairs required for us to leave said house.  I am a homebody but I like it to be by choice.  And honestly I have just felt overwhelmingly lonely at times the last few weeks.  With my mom and Nana here I have people. 

But this too will pass.  With every day we are re-gaining our footing both physically and emotionally.  I believe God when He promised to never leave me so I am choosing . fighting to trust that He will meet my needs. 

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