Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick Update

Today both me and B had follow up visits.  Mine went great.  Healing well and moving forward.  B's not so much.  The bones were 16 degrees off what they should be - the set in the ER was not enough.  So they recast him (bright green) and cut a slit in the cast and put a wedge in it.  They told us it would be very painful and well it was.  B has a super high pain tolerance and that baby wailed.  Momma is still distressed over watching him.  They told us if the wedge didn't close the gap to under 6 degrees we would have to do surgery.  It worked!!! - 1 degree off now!!!  Now with the wedge there is a danger for abscess on the skin because the cast is not pushing on his leg.  So pray with us this does not happen. 

My mom is leaving in the morning and John's mom will be joining us late Thurs night.  So John is working from home the next few days. 


Lindsey said...

oh man?! been thinking about you guys and honestly thankful we are just sick and not in a full leg cast, with a momma recovering from surgery herself... can imagine it was tough to watch brady be in so much pain. praying for you guys when the Lord brings you to mind.

Holly S. said...

Just sat down to eat lunch and check up on you guys. I couldn't believe it when I saw a pic of Brady with a full leg cast!! I wish so much that I could be there with you to help. However, I am committing to praying for you guys this week. I can't think of anyone right now who needs it more. Love you, Holly