Monday, June 16, 2008

Perspectives of a 4 year old

So this weekend John went and played golf with some of his buddies on Saturday - to kick off his father's day weekend. I took the boys to Mcdees to play since we have been cooped up in the house sick all week (me too which means more hives). After McDees we went to target to get John a small gift. His big gift that is last year's christmas, father's day and birthday all in one will be coming on July 11 (check the apple store for details about what happens on that day - it's the front page of the website :)) Anyway as we entered Target I told the boys that we were going to get some of daddy's favorite things and here is how the conversation preceded with the boys - Jake is 4 and Brady 2:

M: What do you think some of daddy's favorite things are?

J:Well he loves the gum that taste bad. (those artic chill gums that are so strong)

M:Ok well let's get him some of them

J: He loves coffee too.

M: That is a great idea Jake. Brady what do you think daddy likes?

B: a paci

M: (laughing) Brady a paci is your favorite thing not daddy's

J: yeah brady you love paci's and if we were shopping for my favorite things we would buy a toy

M:Yeah that's probably right Jake

J: Mom if we were shopping for your favorite things we would buy diapers!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

Hi Amy- I read your comment on Candy's blog about the whole "Happiness" thing and what you said is the closest thing to what I've been trying to get across (mind you, I was not the one who sparked this whole drama).

I just wanted her to see that no one is trying to criticize her for being happy all the time or to get her to reveal her misery so her readers can all feel better abouth themselves...

But I do think that her blog is looked upon by many as a ministry, and she is in a position of some degree of influence, and should take that seriously. I think showing a bit of vulnerability would be good. Her readers just want to feel a bit of solidarity with her and learn from her example how she deals with daily challenges and stresses, which we ALL have! ANyway, I thought your comment was very well put.

Shannon said...

Oh, I forgot...I put up a blog post that more or less reflects what I think some of her readers are looking for her to share...I'd love your input.

Nikki said...

I love your kids!!! Ben and I were eating dinner tonight, and out of the blue Ben says, "I wonder what the Cooks are doing right now?" We think of you guys all the time, and we really miss you!!! Sorry I haven't called you back, we should talk soon! Love you guys!

Kristin said...

That is too precious! I love those little conversations. Now I know the perfect gift to get you for your birthday...!