Sunday, August 17, 2008

Amazing Grace

So this Fall I am beginning to read through the OT with some specific questions in mind.  In my counseling class last year Dr. Eyrich said that he was convinced that God had provided all that we need for life and godliness in the Scriptures.  He has gone through the OT reading about the people and their struggles and such and put "our terms" to their struggles.  This really challenged me to do the same.  What a great tool to have in ministry.  So I have sat out on this adventure and I am sure it will take me some time - off and on- but nonetheless I have started. As I read I am also looking for how God has "parented" his children along the way in hopes to make more practical applications to how I parent my children.  Anyway, as I started reading in Gen the other day and I was most encouraged by God's grace on sinners.  After God cursed Adam and Eve for their disobedience he made clothes for them.  And after God cursed Cain for killing Able, he put a mark on him so that he would not be killed as he wandered.  This was as far as I got but it was just amazing to me to see how compassionate God is.  "Was this His kindness that leads to repentance?" Just thinking....sure I will share more later.


April Brown said...

If only I could be as merciful and gracious with my children!! Most of the time I scream for vengeance, not justice. Oh, how I have so much to learn! What a great study that will be.

Kristin said...

Good thoughts... Thanks.

I'm reading a WONDERFUL children's Bible story book to John David right now (called The Jesus Bible Story Book -- "Every Story Whispers His Name"), and as we read through the Old Testament stories, I had some of the same thoughts. I HIGHLY recommend this book for Jake, if you don't have it. It's really beautifully written, and I love how the author ties God's plan to send Jesus into every single story. I wish I'd known those parallels when I was a child.