Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who loves you the most

I periodically ask Jake "who loves you" He will go through the list of people that he knows loves him. Then I say "who loves you the most, more than all those people" He answers "God does" It is often a very comforting reminder to Jake because he is much more of a feeler - emotional child. He just smiles from ear to ear when we talk about.
Lately, since Brady is talking so much more, I have started asking him the same things.  His first response is quite different than Jake.  The funny thing is that he has never heard Jake say this nor has anyone taught him to say this.  He just thinks so differently and I love it but I must also admit  it is scary to think about this charming boy as a teen. The conversation went like this:

M- Brady who loves you

B- Meee

M: (It still makes me laugh every time he says it) Well who loves you the most?

B- I love myself the most mommy.