Friday, December 12, 2008

Jesse Advent Day 3, 4, 5

The pictures loaded out of order but here they are:

Day 4: Camel and tent
I found this camel at Wal-mart in the Christmas stuff. It was with the nativity scenes. John took a tiny drill bit and drilled a hole in it and we used Locke tight glue to secure a small screw eye into the camel. The tent I made out of a raffia covered floral wire. I bought a pack of them in the floral section of a craft store. I just bent them and formed a tent. I cut 2 to the length I wanted for the front and back and then I cut pieces to connect them on the sides and just wrapped the wire around each other. I then used small jute string and tied it to all 4 sides of the tent at the top. I covered the tent in burlap and glued it to the post of the tent and poked the string through the burlap. I brought the string that the camel is hanging on up to meet the other strings and tied them in a knot at the top of the first layer of burlap. Then I cut a smaller piece of burlap to cover just the top and hang over the sides a little to cover the messiness of the strings. (if you have questions just ask and I will help)

Day 5: Lamb
-I bought this little lamb at Wal-mart in the same section with the nativity stuff. John took a tiny drill bit to it and we screwed the tiny screw eye into the lamb. It was not hollow like the camel so we didn't need the lock tight.

Day 3: Ark with a rainbow:
I found this flat wooden cutout of a steamship is the wood section of a craft store. There was also a rainbow shape cutout that I had to paint. I found the mini animal to glue on it in the craft store where they have the mini doll house supplies. They are not necessary but I thought they were just cute and made the steamship look a little bit more arkish!! After the rainbow dried I hot glued it to the ship and I put part of the ribbon that it is hanging with in between the ark and the rainbow so that when I glued it the ribbon would stay secure. The other part of the ribbon is behind the rainbow. (it is just one piece of ribbon)

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